Professional cooks, good products lovers and crazy about world spices, these two adventurers of taste are true hunters of flavours! Paul & Louise offers you a full range of ready-made meals in different formats : in boxes, trays and sachets for cereals and ready-made legumes.

With a good dose of good mood, full of ideas in pots and pan, and always with a little recipe in the back of their heads, they have prepared a beautiful collection of small dishes, each more delicious than the others... to be found in the grocery section.

So ready for the flavours hunt ? 



Paul & Louise

Paul : a fine cook (and son of a breeder), heir to the greatest houses, Paul is a fan of recipes and local products! He works every day in the fields with producers to find the best ingredients used in recipes prepared for you.

Louise : What she loves, in kitchen is the nature, plants and the raw product. Passionate about travel, she brings back in her luggage tons of recipes that are the result of so many beautiful gourmet encounters all around the world. She shares them with you and gives you her culinary inspirations, with a little weakness for spices: the little touch that will awaken your taste buds!




Together, they prepare their dishes by revisiting the French heritage recipes or by taking you to discover the recipes of the world. On the programme for the flavours hunt : creative dishes, organic ready meals, a return from the market, vegetables cooked with spices and many other gourmet surprises that will be included on the menu according to the ideas of the moment...

Paying a particular attention to the origin and composition of the products meats of organic ready meals are 100% French, unnecessary ingredients are removed for more naturalness and all products have very good nutritional values.


Dozens of recipes to discover: balanced, healthy, gourmet and always convenient, to indulge yourself and fill up with flavours every day!


It is in Nantes (a great terroir and home of the little butter) that Paul & Louise have set up their kitchens. Located in the heart of a market gardening area, the factory (still family-owned) has been working with vegetables and products from the best producers since 1858. Since then,  workshops have of course been expanded and modernized to meet all food standards.

Around Paul & Louise, a whole team works on the preparation and packed your ready-made meals: a shock team from raw products to recipes, to take everything to your plate.