For Paul & Louise, there is no good cooking without good products! A dish is not just a recipe: it's all about taste, quality and ingredient selection. The supplies of Paul & Louise are sometimes the fruit of beautiful meetings and always the accomplishment of a daily work with the breeders and the producers, in the middle of the earth.

The approach of Paul & Louise : find the most possible local supplies and work in partnership with the passionate of the good product, because it is there that begins the hunt for flavors!

Because today, more than ever, you have the right to know what you eat, we are committed to essential points on a daily basis.


Flavour hunters pursue an ambitious and responsible policy towards the environment. This policy is implemented through several aspects: use of nearby resources, guaranteed good working conditions, manufacture of green products and services, reduction in the thickness of wraps, recycling of cardboard, plastics and metal cans, use of the can which is the most ecological packaging which avoids any food waste due to its long shelf life, strong certifications (BIO, IFS, BRC) which allow a guaranteed food safety. A wastewater treatment agreement is also in place with the Nantes conurbation.

Paul & Louise are fully committed to quality and traceability. Indeed, all our products are subject to strict controls from the selection of raw materials to sterilization and packaging, and of course throughout their preparation. They are also tested by our quality engineers, verified by examinations carried out by external and independent laboratories specialized in food safety.

Rigorous processes and a high-performance system allow us to monitor our products from the entry of raw materials into our factory to their delivery to your points of sale.

Our commitments are long-term and are constantly developing : currently tests are being carried out on new recyclable, recycled and oven-ready trays.


Drawing on the richness and diversity of French terroirs, Paul & Louise pay attention to the selection of raw materials to compose the best dishes, a relationship as close as possible to suppliers. Close relationships with the sectors allow them to choose racy meats (Charolaises, limousines, blondes from Aquitaine), as close as possible to the production sites, in the respect of the taste.


Because we no longer have to oppose pleasure, quality and respect of the environment today, paul & louise are committed to organic since more than 10 years! A concrete commitment that is reflected in the field by the integration of organic ingredients to recipes, as soon as supplies and sectors allow. This is a daily work with organic farming that allows, for example, Paul & Louise to offer you the widest range of organic ready-meals with no less than 18 recipes to discover!

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