PAUL & LOUISE, a brand that knows that cooking is in constant evolution: recipes change, evolve and mix, but what lasts is the art of cooking with creativity and the use of the right ingredient, produced locally. At the same time, lifestyles are changing and PAUL & LOUISE are constantly adapting by offering professionals everyday culinary solutions through recipes and formats. The culinary future will be based on this dual vision: respect for the product, producers, nature, recipes and terroirs at the source of taste and the constant search for new recipes that allow people to discover flavours on a daily basis.



Paul & Louise dishes are prepared with passion by selecting the best ingredients, in search of the essential taste.


We offer you quality products in large boxes, in order to satisfy you fully.

  • Big cans :

  • South West range ( "En Cuisine" CARREFOUR brand) + Paul & Louise

  • Duck Confits Box 5/1 12 Thighs

  • Duck Gizzards Box 3/1

  • Whole Duck Gizzards Box 4/4

  • Duck Gizzards Thin Box 4/4

  • Duck Sleeves Box 5/1

  • Chicken Confits Box 5/1

  • Duck Fat Box 5/1

  • Duck Fat Box 4/4

  • Goose Grease Box 4/4

  • Medallion 50% Duck Foie Gras Box 2/2 850 Gr Castel Louberac Brand

  • Medallion 50% Duck Foie Gras Box /2 400 Gr Castel Louberac Brand

  • Corned Beef Box 1.820 Kg DOLO Brand